We are brand new member of this blog. My story is about my 11 year old daughter Vanessa. Vanessa was diagnosed in January 21 st 2017 went to the hospital with nose bleeding, stomach aches,weakness,fever up and Down and joint pain caused limping also large blood clot inside her mouth.When l took her to the er l already knew that was leukemia.The military hospital did CBC and came out abnormal.low platelets wbc and RBc weren’t bad at all.The pediatrician came and said that these aren’t the numbers in children with leukemia but l already knew it day the pathologist came in said that they found leukemia cells.we were sent to homburg children oncology clinic the doctor was great up there.He looked under microscope and told us it is Burkitt leukemia but they had to wait for the be confirmed by other two labs.A few days later results came back they said it is Burkitt like leukemia.they found over 90% of leukemia cells on bone marrow and liver and spleen were slightly enlarged.stage 4 Burkitt like leukemia was the diagnose.The treatment was intense many mouth sores,infections blood transfusions but she did so well.also first bone marrow biopsy after first block was very good so she was responding to the treatment.she was done with the treatment in end of may they removed her catheter  in June.some reason they said she has to be on maintenance therapy cuz in her case pre B cell were found in her bone marrow and they prevent risk of relapse.she takes purinethol and mtx antibiotic on Sundays for 18 months.the doctors are very optimistic about her illness .she is in remission now trying to catch up with school work.She is also diagnosed with ptsd due to her diagnose.She does Irish tap dance ,yoga .l feed her mostly Mediterranean diet not struggling some much because l am originally from Turkey(Armenian -turkish). We are so thankful.The hospital staff were all German and they were great.The doctors are wonderful. Special thanks to Dr Simon and Dr Graf and other staff.l hope we never have to face with this again.l pray everyday day and night and thank to god all day long

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