You Can Beat Stage IV

When I was first diagnosed in March of 2014 with Stage IV Burkitt’s Lymphoma, I did research online and was discouraged by the lack of success stories. That is why I’m writing mine. My body has been free of cancer since shortly after my second hospitalization for chemo. To make a long story short, six scheduled hospital stays, a few shorter ones because of side effects, 10 lumber punctures and 8 1/2 months off work. Best part of the story is that I’m still alive and I have my life back. I’m not as physically healthy as I was before the cancer, but I’m a better person; of that I’m sure. So you can do this, if you want to call to hear my voice to prove it can be beat and beat soundly, 517-515-1828. Fight and fight hard, the fog of chemo goes away, and you can return to a state where you can thank all of those who helped you through. Do let others help. The more they love you the harder it is to watch. I’ve been on both sides and watching is more difficult. God bless. Kathy PS don’t judge, no spell check and typed this while waiting for a well-check appointment.


Kathy Barron

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