Ellie’s Battle with Burkitt’s


Ellie’s battle with Burkitt’s began on October 1, 2007. She was 14 years old and a freshman in high school. Ellie had not been feeling herself for about a month when we took her in to see our pediatrician. A few hours later we were headed to the Kentucky Children’s Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. After a 5 hour surgery to remove a 2.5 lb. tumor and resect her intestines, Ellie was diagnosed with stage 3 Burkitt’s Lymphoma. She started treatments almost immediately. Over a 3 month period of time, Ellie went from weighing 125 lbs. to 83 lbs. Nausea was her constant companion. She had to have physical therapy to help recover her strength. She developed neuropathy a month after treatment ended. Day by day, she slowly became herself again. Today, she is a compassionate young lady full of hope and dreams. To read about Ellie’s journey, go to javascript:nicTemp();

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