I am Anna Rita from Italy. The Burkitt Lymphoma hit me hard last January. No one knew what was wrong with me and living in a small village didn’t help.
I first developed breast nots in the middle of December, very big one on both breasts. Then I started sweating at night quite heavily and over all I was feeling always tired. Diarrea appeared and lost of appetite, follow by intense stomach pain and sleepless nights. The situation got worse in the middle of January when I could not breathe properly, my stomach had started swallowing and other nots could be felt with bare hands. I was taken to emergency and when the doctors saw me they went into panic, I had nots all over, the liver was double in size and was pushing my chest, my stomach was like a 9 months pregnant lady all tense and hard. They put me on pain killer and left me there thinking that there was nothing to do with me. I was desperate, frighten, fragile, I was lost..I really thought it was my end. After 8 days of nothing we decided to move fast and take action I could no longer wait. We took and ambulance and moved to Germany, where immediately they assessed my problem. I was put under very heavy chemio therapy to stop the growth of all the lymphomas, by then I was a wreck. I felt a few time I was going to pass away and if it hadn’t been for the love and caring of my husband and children I don’t know how I would have coped.
I am back in Italy now under the cure of very caring doctors, I have just concluded my third cycle of chemio, I will have three more to go. Things have moved very much and all the nots have gone a part from some stains on the liver. The battle is not over yet, but I feel I have been given a second chance in live and I am so grateful to everyone for supporting me. Do not loose your hope fight again it with all your little strength you may have, I’ve never give up, even when I was at my worse. My love for life has kept me alive, because I wanted to live it was too early to go..The research and medicines have done miracle for me, the love and support of my love ones has kept the spark alive.
I hope to be back to normal one day, cannot wait to feel free of cancer. This terrible experience has changed me for life, maybe in better…

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