Logan’s Journey

Logan, my 13 year old son, went in to have a tonsillectomy on November 1, 2017. I will never forget the look on the surgeons face when he came out and the words he said to me, “Logan is resting, we found a tumor in his tonsil, we sent it to pathology and they just called back. Logan has lymphoma.” And those words have sent us a journey we didn’t ask to go on. Within 48 hours of surgery we were sitting with the pediatric oncologist over an hour away from home who is telling us that his type of lymphoma is extremely aggressive, he has to start chemo right away. So here we are exactly 2 weeks later having already had a bone marrow biopsy, 2 spinal taps, a mediport inserted, finished the prephase chemo and started the 1st full round yesterday. Thankfully it was localized and did not spread past the lymph node near his tonsil, for that I will be forever grateful. Our lives have been forever altered in a way we never expected and while I know the next few months will be very difficult, we will get through them and stand on the other side of this horrible disease looking back at the whirlwind that is currently our reality, wondering what just happened.

2 thoughts on “Logan’s Journey

  1. Joannericard

    How is your son doing? My 13 year old son was diagnosed in Feb, 2018 and just finished his chemotherapy.

  2. mkepler

    My son who is also 13 was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma Aug. 23, 2017. Bo, finished his chemotherapy in November before Thanksgiving. His hair is growing back now and he is trying to go to school. He makes it to school about 2 days a week. His stomach is what bothers him the most.
    I would like to keep in touch with you.

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