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Burkitt's lymphoma

Burkitt’s Lymphoma Society

Burkitt’s lymphoma Burkitt’s lymphoma is a rare form of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma that affects thousands of people in the world. This is a cancer that can spread very rapidly.  It is humanities most aggressive tumor.  It can double in size in just 24 hours. While you may find information concerning Burkitt’s throughout the web, with definitions, statistics and treatment options, we hope to serve as a central reference for the past and present Burkitt’s community.

Here you will find informative links and articles and a way to connect with past patients and caregivers, with some encouraging insights only available from people who have been through the treatments for Burkitt’s lymphoma.

The experience with Burkitt’s lymphoma is, very intimidating and frightening.  We seek to bring peace to the struggle by sharing experiences, information and hope to others who seek it.

With that said, welcome! We hope that your visit here is helpful and that you choose to participate in this site by asking a question, posting your story, or considering a donation to help keep this site current and thriving.

We have a facebook page with over 1500 likes that has a lot of information. We also have a facebook support group with more than 700 members of Burkitt’s patients, past and present as well as caregivers. It requires a Facebook account and permission to join from a moderator.

Click the link to the right to like our page and find out more. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Burkitts-Lymphoma-Society/109221755827039

About Burkitt’s lymphoma

Burkitts lymphoma accounts for as many as 40% of all childhood non Hodgkin lymphoma patients worldwide. It also accounts for as many as 40% of all non Hodgkin lymphomas in HIV/AIDS patients. It also can affect adults and in the US more than 50% of all Burkitts lymphoma patients each year are adults.

There are three classifications for Burkitts lymphoma. Immunodeficiency Burkitts is basically related to transplant patients and HIV/Aids patients. Endemic Burkitts which is associated to equatorial Africa and the Sporadic form of Burkitts that is “sporadic” or it just doesn’t fall in to the other two classifications.

The current cause of all Burkitts lymphoma is not known. It is known that it is DNA mutations, but what triggers these mutations is not known, but with the progress in DNA studies they are getting closer.