In Honor Of Andrew Tolley


On August 6th, 2016 I will be riding in an event called Pelotonia. This event attracts thousands of bike riders uniting for one goal…to end cancer. I’m writing to you asking for your support as I work towards my fundraising commitment of $4000.  If you choose to support my ride, please know that any contribution that you are able to make is greatly appreciated and will help me get closer to my goal. Since the event is paid for through the generosity of corporate sponsors, 100% of the funds that I (and all riders) raise will go directly to the James Cancer Center in Columbus OH. Your gift is entirely tax deductible. “Sometimes I wish cancer was just a scary story told around a campfire.” These are the words spoken by my hero, my best friend, and the person I am privelaged to call my little brother.  My brother Andrew always had a knack to produce laughter and create smiles. On January 6, 2012, my family received news that would surely change our lives forever.  After a full body physical was done on Andrew on January 3, his pediatricians face went white as a ghost.  We were sent directly to the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Emergency room where Pediatric Oncologist Dr. Deanna Mitchell was waiting.  We were told that in children under the age of 18, Burkitt’s Lymphoma has a 98% cure rate. We started chemotherapy right away and initnially the NFL football sized tumor responded like it should have.  In July, andrew went in for a surgery to attempt to remove the tumor that was anticipated to take around 2 hours. Finally, after 8 hours of waiting the doctor came out and told us they could only remove about half of it. The rest was tangled around his colon and both upper and lower intestines. We now were told that we were going to start radiation.  Again the tumor responded well and a scan was done.  The doctor told us that there was still a little spot on the scan but it was most likely scar tissue from the chemotherapy.   Andrew was sent home for 6 weeks with bi weekly visits to give blood, receive platelets, and get scanned.   In mid-september to late October, Andrew started not feeling well again.  His tumor had grown back, larger  (about the size of a NBA basketball) and resistant to chemotherapy.  We were immediately sent on a Make-A-Wish trip which was a trip of a lifetime.Andrew’s health began to decline and he was not strong enough to board his flight.  He was placed on hospice care and a 1:10 am on January 6, 2013 my little brother passed away at the age of 15.   I WILL BE RIDING 50 MILES THIS YEAR TO HELP FIND A CURE TO THIS DREADED DISEASE AND TO ENSURE NO ONE HAS TO FEEL THE LOSS THAT OUR FAMILY HAS AND DOES FEEL.PLEASE. JOIN ME IN MY QUEST TO HELP END CANCER AND HELPING ME REACH MY $4000 GOAL! If you are able to help in any amount, you can visit   Thank you!

~~Adam Tolley

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